Oh yeah, those things are only good when you’ve broken them in and you need a pad for them. I’ve had those types. They like to lie at those places. They’re cute though!


I kinda didn’t get around to breaking them in.. But I never even thought of getting a pad for them. I should probably do that.


Really? I would have guessed modesty. No, but really as lovely as you legs are I think your eyes take the cake. image

Thanks. I guess my eyes are okay. I got the colour from my dad, but I always wished I had gotten my mom’s blue eyes.



I’m not sure what on earth you expected. You don’t wear four inch heels for comfort. image

They’re only three and a half inches actually. And the lady swore since they have thick insoles that they would be comfortable enough to wear to work.


Coffee is fine the way it is. Why would you want to ruin it by making it too sweet?


Well that all depends on how much you put in. If you only put in a little bit then it’s not overly sweet.